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Furry Twists and Twirls 22 :icongoodkittynyanchan:GoodKittyNyanchan 8 11
Mature content
Furry Twists and Twirls 21 :icongoodkittynyanchan:GoodKittyNyanchan 5 0
Mature content
Furry Twists and Twirls 20 :icongoodkittynyanchan:GoodKittyNyanchan 12 7
Beryl: Mythran Asylum
By: D. R. Nyan-chan
“And I mustn’t forget nyu.”  Beryl placed a pretty pink ribbon around the gargoyle’s ear; she then hugged and nuzzled the overhanging statue.  “I see nyu smiling.  Nya nyu are.”  It had been some time since Beryl had mysteriously ended up at Grimskull castle in Mythran Allanar along with several Melfar Academy students.  However, the School Pet’s curiosity had gotten the better of her and she somehow ended up separated from the group early on.  Since then, Beryl busied herself with exploring the foreboding building.  Well, that and doing some redecorating…
Suddenly, Heart of Chaos sprung out of Beryl’s shoulder and gave her a little tap.  Seconds later, the large doors swung open.  “Great, even here?”  Erika scoffed in disgust.  The large library looked like the epicenter for an exploded pink factory; there were also ro
:icongoodkittynyanchan:GoodKittyNyanchan 10 25
Mature content
Furry Twists and Twirls 19 :icongoodkittynyanchan:GoodKittyNyanchan 12 22
Mature content
Furry Twists and Twirls 18 :icongoodkittynyanchan:GoodKittyNyanchan 11 2
Mature content
Furry Twists and Twirls 17 :icongoodkittynyanchan:GoodKittyNyanchan 10 20
Mature content
Furry Twists and Twirls 16 :icongoodkittynyanchan:GoodKittyNyanchan 11 7
4th TG War: What is Most Important
By: D. R. Nyan-chan
Based on an RP with :iconTGWolfe:
John “Shelly” Fletcher sighed and slumped into the comfiest chair he could find; he was exhausted and somewhat disgusted by recent events and actions.  “What was Central thinking?” he asked himself.  “That was obviously crossing the line.  He’s completely missing the whole point of this war.”
“I agree.”  Volk stepped in and plopped onto a nearby couch before grooming his furry arms.  “Central went way too far.  I’d love to weld another one of those collars back onto him.  He’s too cruel to deserve freedom.”
“At least I was able to get all that juice out of Ani,” John said.  “It was a tough two hours and she was still blue, but that outfit I loaned her at least allowed her to walk around in public.  Xe seemed to bounce back pretty quickly after that.”
Volk raised an eyebrow in confusion. &
:icongoodkittynyanchan:GoodKittyNyanchan 12 81
Mature content
Furry Twists and Twirls 15 :icongoodkittynyanchan:GoodKittyNyanchan 13 8
Mature content
Furry Twists and Twirls 14 :icongoodkittynyanchan:GoodKittyNyanchan 9 2
Mature content
Furry Twists and Twirls 13 :icongoodkittynyanchan:GoodKittyNyanchan 11 0
Mature content
Furry Twists and Twirls 12 :icongoodkittynyanchan:GoodKittyNyanchan 13 1
Mature content
Furry Twists and Twirls 11 :icongoodkittynyanchan:GoodKittyNyanchan 10 2
Dolly's Spa Day
By: D. R. Nyan-chan
Amidst the heavy rain, a black limo rolled up to one of the newest spas in town: Green and White, What a Sight.  The entire building was painted in the vertical stripes of its namesake and its reputation was shrouded in mystery.
A large, black lace umbrella unfurled from the back door and a tuxedo-clad man in his early twenties with short, brown hair stiffly and sluggishly stepped out.  After a few seconds of him staring straight ahead with his blank, green eyes, the chauffer asked, “Is everything okay, sir?”
“B-bill?” the man mumbled in a far-off fashion.
“Really?  Well I hate to ruin the moment.  Are you sure you don’t just want it mailed?”
The man stiffly and slowly shook his head.  The chauffer shrugged and headed to the front of the limo.  A few minutes later, he returned with a card reader and an invoice.  The man slowly and clumsily presented a wad of cash, but then a pale ha
:icongoodkittynyanchan:GoodKittyNyanchan 24 361
Mature content
Furry Twists and Twirls 10 :icongoodkittynyanchan:GoodKittyNyanchan 13 3

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:iconakirakogamiplz: Salnyutations, comfy cuddlers!

:iconahehplz: I thought I'd share a bit about the inspiration that went into "Furry Twists and Twirls." 

Furry Twists and Twirls 1By: D. R. Nyan-chan
WARNING: Do not read this story if you offended by the notion of yardstick-wielding meerkats.
Chapter 1: The First Twist
“Same old postings, same old news.”  Dale smiled and sighed with relief as he browsed the local job openings on various sites.  “It looks like my plans for summer are safe.”  A few clicks later and the windows were closed.  Dale then ran a hand through his round cut, raven black hair as he read a handout for a class project.
“Guess who?” someone said as two somewhat bulky arms wrapped around Dale’s shoulders and a fuzzy face full of light brown beard rested to the left of his neck.
“Hey, Dann,” Dale said with a chuckle; not even the slightest bit of surprise shone in his green eyes.  “You might want to be a little more careful.  Ms. Northingston’s the one on duty and you know how good she is at sneaking up on people.”
“But I really ne

:iconba-kyunplz: Aside from the more obvious ones like the conversation referenced in the descriptions section-nyof Chapter 6, there are more subtle issues like parallels to how Wild Claw deals with Goldie in Chapter 11 and how Sam and Samantha are treated in the flashback in Chapter 13.

:iconkonatarapefaceplz: And then there are the inspirations that are hidden even deeper.  For example, in Chapter 11, I drew inspiration from:

:iconrightneplz:  Nyow if any of nyu are up to it, here's a little challenge just for fun.  Aside from the reference, what was I trying to convey with the scene this inspired? :giggle:

:iconrika-plz:  And for those of nyu who like to see previews, I plan on doing something similar with this little bout of inspiration once I get to writing Chapter 23.  Enjoy. :heart: :iconazu-nyanplz:

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